My name is Jessica I was born April 29th 1985. My parents are Mable and Kenny. They had four children Tanya, me, Jeni and Andy. They were both active drug users and alcoholics. Neither of them cared about parenting us and i believe only had children due to limited birth control options then. We were raised in an environment that wasn’t meant for children, my father never held a job long because he drink far too much and my mother refused to work. My house was a party house with random people passed out scattered amungst the living room and kitchen.  There was hardly ever food in the house and most of the time it was fend for yourself.  There where sometimes moments of happiness when my parents attended church and swore to stay sober but that didn’t last longer then a week or two. I can’t remember when the sexual abuse started but I know it was something we went through for a long time. My parents always wanted a break and off to my mom’s parents house we went.  My grandfather was a loving man who sang nursery rymes and took us for ice cream and to amusement parks. He bought our school stuff and Christmas presents but he also had a dark side and everything he did for us was to cover up what really happened at night when nauni went to bingo. Everone knew and no one cared,  they allowed it to happen. We grew up not knowing what love was because the ones who were supposed to love and protect us hurt us. I look back and I can’t fathom why no one tried to save us. Why didn’t anyone see what was going on.  3 out of the 4 of us became drug addicts, and all 4 of us suffer from some type of childhood trauma induced mental illness. It’s utterly amazing that we made it this far.  I am recovering, I am strong and I am  beautifully broken an amazing disaster. I want my story known to help others stop being victims and start being survivor’s. Today I can honestly say that I love me and I realized that God was there along. He gave me the best siblings and made our bond so strong that nothing not distance nor foster care nor time could break.



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