I completed my undergrad as I battled my mental illness. I received four scholarships to attend graduate school this fall. I did this with bipolar 1, severe mood swings, sometimes medicated sometimes not. It truly is a miracle and I am still in disbelief that I actually did it. When I received my diagnosis in 2016 it was a death sentence. I believed I would forever be sick, depressed and crazy. It has been almost a year on Abilify and my life has never been better. I know it is more than just the meds but the meds keep me so balanced mentally. I definitely feel a difference cognitively as my school work is easier when I am medicated. The longer I take the meds the more I realize how much I need them. Typically when I begin feeling better I no longer wish to be on meds. I will stop them believing that I am fine, in control of myself and clearly not mentally ill. Then a few weeks later the roller coaster of moods swings occur and I am back at square one. This time I decided to do something different. This time no matter what my mind tells me I take my meds. I completed my undergrad and I am going to be a mental health practitioner. Anything is possible in your life if you believe it to be.

Jess R.


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