Tomorrows promise never come; all we have is right now to do something different. Changes promised for tomorrow await in the denseness of ones mind and never make there way to the surface of ones life. There has to come a point in ones life where making the right decision now is imperative rather than subservient.

As I watch my loved ones make the same detrimental mistakes time and time again I wonder if the end is anywhere near. I realized this go-around that the hope I seen for so long in them was based off of my own personal experiences rather than there own. Reflecting on their experiences….dissipated my hope as they repeated the same actions despite such severe consequences. My mental health has stayed well despite my heartache and stress. I keep taking my medicine even when I hate it and do not want to do it. I am fortunate to have a husband who supports me and my mental health. As always he is my rock and my anchor.

Change…. tomorrow never comes….implement the changes now.

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