Freedom seems unobtainable for so many. They relish in the idea that anyone other than themselves is holding their freedom from them. Negative choices prevent freedom; positive choices lead to freedom. When faced with uncertainty in a matter of what to choose,  choose to analyze the outcomes and paths to which the choice leads you to. The easiest avenue is often the wrong choice. Human nature wants to take the easy way out whether it is household chores or life decisions.  But, the easiest avenue comes with a price. The price we pay for taking the easy way out often comes with the least consequences or detrimental consequences depending on the circumstances or situations to which we chose from.

We as human beings need to slow down, stop racing to a finish line that leads nowhere. Stop seeking the end and enjoy the journey.  Revel in the idea that the journey itself is the process to which your life’s memories are made. Stop rushing to live your life and live it in each moment. Reflect on your choices and take your time to decide what is best for YOU! Not what is best for everything or everyone else. We must make changes in our society if we ever wish to evolve as human beings. What is life? Life in itself is a product of thousands of decisions we have made that as human beings we are forced to live with.

So many human beings want happiness yet so little of them want to take the journey. They want to wake up and live inside a movie screen living a life worth living that was free from the consequences of their own decision making.  Every decision comes with a consequence; positive consequence or negative consequence. How do we know which to choose? The one with the hardest steps is often the one with the best outcome.

We fail to realize that this life we live is constructed by us through our thoughts and choices. Our thoughts build our perspective; our perspective becomes our choice maker. Our perspective is what builds on our decision to choose either avenue. If your perspective or perception is negative than our choice will be negative; and so will the consequences. If we are optimistic, realistic, and honest our perspective will be too and thus, so will our choices; so will be our consequences. Choose wisely and know choice can either bring us freedom or pain.

Jess R.

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