She is so close to the edge but no one can see

One more step and the darkness overtakes me

The pain is jagged;  the pain is raw

She was standing at the edge yet no one saw

Life moved around her as if she wasn’t there

The world felt so lonely like she belonged nowhere

She hides inside and tries to fade away

A little more of her gone each day

She was at the edge,  thinking what is the next step to take

It seemed the darkness won the smiles are all fake

But they couldn’t see; maybe the mask she wore seemed real

No one knew what lived inside her; no one knew what she had to feel

Each and every day it is just too much to bare

If I was gone tomorrow would anyone truly care

I am drowning in my agony yet no one can even see

The light is gone the darkness  begins to engulf me

Spiraling through my veins taking over my heart

She couldn’t fight it, she didn’t know where to start

Covering my very soul in its solitude, engrossing it in sheer and utter pain

She was in hell inside her mind; How much longer could she sustain?

I took the step, embraced who I am and walked the path destined for me

Darkness is here, the light is gone, Now can you see?

The person I once was I will never be again

Too tired from fighting my own hell from within

She took a step and began to fly in a downward spiral there was no other way

She was at the edge and no one tried to make her stay

Alone with nothing but these thoughts from hell

So into the darkness is where she fell

Heart is blackened and her soul no longer there

No more love, for no one does she care

She is alone and they can’t see

These are the thoughts that live inside of me




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