A human soul is full of light. Like a plant needing sunshine and water. A soul craves love, passion, and requires another human connection. It needs this to grow into something beautiful. But what happens when it never gets this? What happens when it gives away all of its light, all of its love and never gets what it gives. 

The darkness takes over, the humanity dissipates. The love cease to exist inside it’s heart.  It’s left broken and alone. So many years of searching,  fighting,  and giving fills me with such an emptiness a heartache that is almost too much to bare.  

Some people cope with drugs, medication,  and other things. I’ve chosen to embrace the darkness and let go of the light. I am who I am and my soul is dark like my eyes.  I numb the pain by embracing the new me. Who I really am only I know. Maybe in the darkness I will find my happily ever after. Maybe I’m meant to be who I am becoming.

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