The funny thing about people is they always say they will be there, that they care.

But do they? Do they stop to listen to what is happening when there are no words to hear? Do they really realize that what you’re going through no matter how stupid it looks to them is real to you?

I don’t think so.

Alone in the silence and no one cares. I must be such a good actress if I have everyone convinced that I am okay. I have worn this mask my whole life as the person inside me cries and screams yet a smile is all the world see’s.

No one knows me.. Not one person in this world. I tried to show one person but I know with everything in me the weight of my pain will eventually be too much.

I am ready to depart from this life… so tired of the fake day to day routine. I am ready to see the light and release this darkness once and for all.

They say love is the most powerful emotion we have that it heals pain, that it replaces sorrow with happiness. But it’s not when you love someone because loving someone will drive you crazy.. It will hurt you in ways you never experienced. No it’s not loving someone that is powerful it’s when you love and are loved back.

I have yet to find a love like that, maybe I am too much to love. Maybe darkness was meant for me.

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