Remembering a time when our laughter changed dark to light

When the innocence of childhood was part of our daily fight

When all I had was you and all you had was me…

What happened to that strong girl that you always use to be…

Fragments of my broken heart is what you left behind

Watching the clock as if I could rewind time

To find you in the past and save you from the pain

Don’t you know you are strong enough to withstand the rain

Haven’t we been through every storm known to be

I wish I could give you the faith and hope you seek in me

But these broken fragments of this heart you shattered each time you go

No longer holds the hope you use to know.

I want to believe you, I want you to get well

But I can not allow you to drag me with you through hell

It rips me apart leaving me spun out and out of control

There is a part of me that without you will never be whole

I am sorry I can’t help you God knows I tried

My hearts breaks, again and again, each time you cried

I can’t stop your pain, I can’t stop the darkness that now has you under its control

I can’t take your broken heart and make it once again whole

But I can take care of them and remind them how you love them so

I can give them all this love I have for you so they always know

I hope you know how loved you are, I hope you continue to fight

I pray each day that you will find your way out of darkness and into the light

Please loose yourself out there so you can find the real you once again

I miss my sister, I miss my best friend






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