img_20160208_164544.jpgFree is leaves that change color in the fall, the bright oranges the deep reds and radiant yellows.

Free is the wind that is cool and crisp that blows through my hair.

Free is sand in-between my toes

Free is my mind with a thousand random thoughts flowing as fast as the speed of light

Free is twenty projects and none of them complete

Free is feeling when I connect with my husband in random conversations I could have no one else

Free is my children’s smiles, their laughs, their hugs, kisses and random conversations

Free is the relationships of friends brought to my life by God’s divine plan

Free is the touch of my dogs fur, the unconditional love they give, there abundance of wet kisses

Free is my fingers on the key board releasing my thoughts to the world

Free is paint on a white canvas as my feeling are projected into a beautiful masterpiece

Free is music in my ears as my body feels each key, each tone, each lyric

Free is a choice not always chosen for many reasons unknown

Today I choose to be free…

My free

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