I don’t proclaim to be sin free. I know I have many faults on a daily basis. However, what I do know is most days I live to help others, I live to love others, the broken, the forgotten, the ones who feel the most alone in the world. People believe that my mannerism and kindness at work is a lack of experience in my field. But, it’s not because I don’t get frustrated, annoyed or aggravated with my patients because the truth is I do daily. The difference between me and my co-workers is the compassion, the kindness the human understanding I have comes from God. I live each day to share this love, Grace, and hope that we receive from Jesus. I want to share his love with others. Why? because I whole heartily believe that is my purpose on this earth. Some days I have bad days and I struggle, I am not perfect. But his unfailing mercy gives me another chance to do better the next day, that’s Grace. I feel sorry for the ones who don’t know him, who don’t believe he is real. The one’s who never get to experience the love of Christ. It saddens my heart to know they have excluded themselves from something so utterly amazing, so free, so perfect.

God has brought my entire family together in way that is so incredible. From being split apart in the foster care system, my mother lost in the streets to being all together as adults in a completeness that unless you lived it you can’t understand it. Life is about love, family and happiness. You can’t have these things without God, not in the way that he intended. You will constantly be seeking materialistic fulfillment, better cars, more money, high end designer stuff or worse drugs, women, men. None of those things will fill the void, none of those things bring upon real happiness they are only band-aids that can be ripped off at any minute to only leave a bigger whole inside you. Seek God in all you do, and he shall direct the way to go. Seek God, find a peace  beyond human understanding. With God no matter what you go through you will have peace. I live to share that message with others.


God’s  Grace can lead us, forgive us, and heal us.

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