Mathematical equations have pushed me to my breaking point, endless mountains of Algebra homework on top of my busy life hasn’t mixed well. There has been point over the past two weeks I didn’t want to get out of bed to face the failure I had faced the day prior. How can I, with ADD, bipolar depression and a life so busy it literally never stops find time to basically teach myself something I never learned in my “too cool for school” high school days. I could write and rewrite formulas, problems, watch videos on YouTube and it still wasn’t processing until I surrender I decided I didn’t need an A in this class I was okay with a C. Then the miracle happens and slowly I am getting better, I am learning.  Yes I have a C and I am so damn proud of this C. Because I worked hard for it. I do not want to become a mathematician or a math teacher. I want to be a psychologist and study brain disorders and practice therapy and research reasons behind the disorders. I want to understand the human thought process’s and promote pet therapy. Hell I want to write a book but I do not want to do math. I have three modules of Math, I am taking each class back to back then I am telling math to go to hell and I will focus on psychology courses. Tonight I got the night off from work I am half way through with my assignments and I actually learned a lot of useless information on graphing. The amount of time I spend in my Math lab has impressed my teacher so I am grateful for my diligence, my effort and the fact that I can work my ass off for what I want and not give up on my dreams. I still have a long road ahead of me but guess what I am going to succeed because giving up on me has never been an option.

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