She wonders why so often the letters are engraved deep into her broken mind.

She is tired but she doesn’t quit because she is strong.

Tired from medication… or is it a busy life… or is it the depression that won’t let her be.

She only wants to be free.

So she asks why…why not me?

Was she destined to this life or was it a mistake? God might have gotten her mixed up with someone else.

So she asks why… why me?

The inner parts of heart and soul are similar to a flame solid and fierce.

But they don’t align with her mind.. so broken

Why can’t the medications just work to create a even keel?

Why can’t the broken parts of her mind just heal?

So she asks why… why am I so lost.

If God is in seek of the lost…. why hasn’t he found her?

So she asks him why….why God why?

He answers her simply by engraving her heart..

With unspoken words.. that can only be felt.

She knows why….

She is destined to find and to seek… others like her that are so weak.

Her flame will ignite something so great…she realizes suddenly that this is her fate.  

Knowing doesn’t make her pain go away..she still has days when all it does is rain. 

But the rain brings rainbows…. and rainbows are a promise of a better tomorrow

She dances in the rain with a tear streamed face…hold captive in madness spinning like a tornado….a whirlwind out of control

But she is free… freedom found in cage of insanity

~Jessica Rodriguez

Founder of Grace2Fight

Tornado’s are a beautiful disaster  


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