There is no pause button on life, it keeps moving. Sometimes so fast it causes a wind storm in your chest making each breath incredibly painful. You stop for brief moments to embrace the seconds with your children, your husband, pets and hobbies. Only to be taking off your feet and drug into the next minutes. That’s how today feels. I had to give myself a break from work I have been off for four days only to have spent them cleaning like crazy, doing massive amounts of laundry that was so easily neglected while working crazy hours, only to step into the next semester of school so unprepared for the amount of work and studying that lies in-front of me. There is no pause button on responsibility, oh but does my aching soul wish there was. How I wish I could be someone who has taken life from a different perspective where each grueling task doesn’t look so grueling and just gracefully flows in the order it was intended too..  with a wind that’s gentle and calm

My winds seem to be those of tornado eyes often glued to the time as it trickles down the seconds I have left to complete or do the next thing on the list…

Perspective changes everything, but how do you change perspective? When you are so used to seeing black and white how do you stop long enough to notice the grey, blue hue that life also holds.. or the electric pinks.

Maybe I will see life through a new set of eyes when I awaken from this madness… maybe I will have eyes of distinct color that captures the beauty this world has to offer with open arms.

Maybe tomorrow I will create my own pause button…

-Jessica Rodriguez

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