The balance of work, school, family and me time with only 24 hours in a day. I swear someday’s i think i am one step closer to being a patient at the psyc. hospital i work at. Exhausted is an understatement. School is a priority for me because i want to do something i love. I know what i am doing is important but i would rather be helping these patients instead of bed checking every fifteen minutes. I keep telling myself you can’t give up no matter how hard the classes are. They are hard some of the stuff that’s supposed to be common knowledge like in text citing, APA style writing and referencing. I didn’t learn because i barley skid my way through high school thirteen years ago. Every assignment i turn in i think ” damn did i do that right?”. When what i should be doing is triple checking. But i just want to hurry up and turn it in to have an hour or so with my children. This right now is my moment for self. To get one my blog and write. Is life perfect no but it’s still pretty damn good despite two stress induced melt downs over the past two weeks. But i feel i have a right to the occasional melt down. I am not only a full time college student but one in an accelerated program to graduate two years faster. I am taking two classes every eight weeks that contain the information of five along with the assignments for five classes. I have a 4.0 GPA that might drop this module but shit i am trying, i work 11-7 roughly 45 hours or more a week and i have a house full of kids two dogs and a husband. So ya i deserve a mommy melt down, right? The day i walk the aisle at Post University i will cry tears of joy and know i did something most would say was impossible i can’t wait for that day….

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