Healing is life, to not allow wounds to heal you would constantly deal with pain. I have been hurt, let down enough times i truly have lost count. I found myself yesterday thinking very deeply on me and my mothers relationship. Why was there a part of me still angry when i know with all my heart she did the best she could do. Why was i holding on to this anger. I mean come on i am an adult now not a hurt thirteen year old. I glanced down at her hand and traced the lines on her face and i realized how much time has made it’s way with her. It hurts to know we are aging. But it also made me realize that i need  to get over what i am feeling inside and allowing healing to do it’s job. I want to make memories with  my Mom again like the photo above from 2 years ago, the first time she came here. I think the pain i feel is because she left and in her leaving i found myself feeling abandon like that 13 teen year old girl in foster care. But I am not her anymore, I am not there anymore. I am in a great place. I am so lucky to have my mom. To have her here with me. To hear her voice, her laugh and see her smile. I am healing and i don’t feel anger anymore. We owe it to ourselves to forgive even if we put our hearts in a vulnerable spot that’s apart of love and a part of life. I’m not worried about getting hurt or about my heart getting broken, I have healed enough times to know one thing for sure all wounds heal, some less than others but they do heal none the less.

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