I search for you then the distraction of the constant thoughts step into my mind

Then comes the intensity of life and again it’s you I search to find

I want people to look at me and only see you

I want to help people find the love that is true

But I feel like i fail you day after day

“I am sorry” seems to be the thing I constantly say 

All I want in this world is to desperately get it right 

So when people see me they see your light

I don’t want to let you down with my selfish intent

I just want to be here for the reason you meant

I hear you the feeling that makes your voice come alive

To live each day for you is truly what i strive

To make each day count with love like you loved

To be the reason they look to you above

To find Faith Grace and learn to truly live

To have them see the life only you can give

I miss your voice lately it’s been quite a few days 

I am sure it not you but rather my ways

That block out my  deep connection to you

Who am i without you, what could i do?

I seek you so i know i shall find

That love that is genuine that peace that’s one of a kind

I seek you today to fill me with your grace

To help me guide others to your loving embrace

I thank you for loving me more than i could ever love you

You know that i try but only perfect love is what you do

Because we are we and you are you

You love is in times of weakness no matter what we do

Who am I? Now i know, i am a piece of you

Who are they? Now i know, they are pieces of you too.

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