There is no right or wrong way to heal. There is no one who can say with certainty that they know how you feel. We are made different, my feeling of love is not the same nor I’d anyone else. We all individually feel, see and experience life differently. We don’t see the world how it is, we see it how we are.  I’ve come accustom to dealing with other people’s opinions, I don’t have to get offended because someone doesn’t agree with me or even the times I am told I’m doing something wrong. There will always be those moments in life, that’s ok. I have grown in ways that only my husband who knows me inside and out can really see. Some people that I thought I would have forever in my life I rarely see. And others I have had to separate my own self from no matter how much it hurt.  I found out that I can’t fix people and I can’t change peoples opinion. But I can change me and in changing me gives the people u love the most in this life a better life. That’s all that matters. Im happy and my house is full of love and I’m grateful for today.

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