Last Monday I started college. I know it’s crazy adding school to an all ready loaded schedule and it’s not that I don’t love my job or make enough money because I do. But this isn’t about the money or education. It’s about learning the tools I need to help people. I want to do something bigger than what I’m doing. I want to be more than a assistant. I want to change lives and make a difference. If everyone lived more on kindness and less on selfishness this world could have endless possibilities. But as of now we will end up killing off our own species for paper made money.  Am I the only one who thinks that’s ridiculous?  I don’t understand why we haven’t stopped it yet.  To really open your mind up to seeing how the idiots in charge are not protecting our freedom there not protecting America or preserving our Earth. They are attacking other idiots like them selves for money,  nothing more than a piece of paper. I don’t vote because it doesn’t matter. I truly believe it’s already predetermined who is our next president the voting process is just another illusion to make us believe we actually have a say, or that our opinion actually matters. I might not be able to change any of that. But what I can do to make this world a better place while I’m here I’m going to do.

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