When I first me you I had no clue
That one day I would so in love with you
I never imagined that one day we would have this life
Never thought once I would become your wife
Although we are different like day and night
To be with anyone else could never be right
I love you for who you are you see
There is no one out there more perfect for me
I know I’m crazy and sometimes it can be bad
I imagine you think about the life you could of had
With someone normal who wasn’t like me
But she wouldn’t ever love you like I do I hope you can see
Five years and counting and you still consume my mind
I hope to make you happy I hope to show you love of this kind
That makes your beat fast and your body warms at the slightest touch
God I never knew I could love someone so much
I’m sorry for all the times I would scream and yell
I am sorry for the days that felt like hell
But you stood by me and didn’t turn away
I love you more and more every single day
I hope you see our future so bright
I am getting better day by day night by night
The episodes are becoming less each day
I couldn’t of done this without you I need you to stay
Forever and Always don’t ever go
I love you so much just wanted you to know


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