DCF stands for Department of Children and Families. I remember the confusion I felt the day they came and how the adults, who were,  my grandparents and  Aunt and uncle, tried to make us feel like it was a sleep over.  I was always the type of child that looked okay, looked like I obvious to anything. But I wasn’t and I was scared. We reached my aunts house with a tiny grocery bag of unwearable cloths and no shoes. I remember the comments to my uncle I heard her make about my mom. They hurt be for her, but where relieving too, finally maybe our life would be normal. I stayed there until June when the school year ended,being too much for my Aunt to handle. The hardest part of my story is that I completely and totally lacked and still most days lack the ability to really say how I feel.  I went to endless therapy appointments, was medicated, did therapy groups. I didn’t know,  all I knew was everything hurt. I imagine alot of teens in the system feel the same way. It’s not that they are bad or damaged beyond repair, but rather stuck in almost a state of despair and blackness, and don’t know what it is they are feeling and sometimes it takes more than word charts and analyzing someone’s behavior to find out. What I believe is if we helped kids, adults whom every is struggling through these mental illness’s, childhood Trauma ect.


Find out who they really are,  help them find what makes them happy Whether it’s art, poetry, animals, the list has endless possibilities. That the healing process will begin. We don’t know who we are, we don’t know how to stop acting out. I have so many plans to create change.  I can’t wait. That picture is a screen shot message to my mom,  my foster mom.  Who had to kick me out several times,  do to my behavior but she never gave up on me and we are still a family. No matter how broken I’ve been, through many trials of my life,  the drug abuse, loosing custody of my son’s. Then the walk with my  life as try to change the things I once found unchangeable. Praying for  everyone this morning oxoxo

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