I decided about four month’s ago I wanted to go back to college. Finally figured out my goal for going and a plan of action for when I graduate. Everything is completed and I’m ready to venture on my quest March seventh. I purchased a labtop brand new from Frys, a really good electronic store in Houston,  along with a printer. I have been taking my labtop everywhere with me guarding it with my life.  It is so nice,  I don’t typically spend money like that on myself so it’s very excited to me.  Sort of like a child with a new toy. Friday I get home and I have my computer on the kitchen table pulling up my schedule for my courses to show my husband. Here comes my five year old with a can of orange soda in her hand, picture this in slow motion as she puts the can down and it’s completely off balance and I’m yelling nooooooo as it falls onto my keyboard. I lay it down and hopefully all the liquid will just come out, one can hope right?  Saturday it works, Sunday it works. Then Sunday night it’s done.  In my devastation my mind automatically tries to revert back into my negative energy thoughts, the why me,  I can’t have anything, the I’m destined to fail and my life’s going to fall apart. But I don’t let it.  I instead ask myself,  ” Do you honestly believe you are the only mom who’s child spilled liquid onto her computer? Do you honestly believe that your the only person who’s things have gotten broken days after purchase? It is a labtop that is all, you have spent more at the dollar store than what you did on the labtop, on crap.  Stop, get over it, buy another one and be more cautious” Retraining your thought process isn’t easy but it can be done by asking yourself the thought in question form.  I’m changing and growing and I don’t plan on stopping ever. Kids will be kids, crap we buy is replaceable but my child’s self worth is not. Thank you God for the miraculous changes you help me achieve everyday and the strength to overcome the things I once seen as impossible. I love you. .

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