I loved you I tired I gave you my soul
You twist everything it’s out of control
This isn’t my destiny I survived to much for this to be
Tell me, did I not love you enough, I gave you all of me
I gave you my soul, my heart, there isn’t any more inside
I swear to God it feels as if I already  died
So much gone wrong, nothing will ever again be right
Why oh why do we have to fight
Over everything can’t you see
I loved you with everything inside of me
But I can’t do this not another day
I don’t think you care and that’s ok
Because I’m tired,  one day you will be too
You will be tired of ALWAYS fighting you
You push away just when you start to let someone in
It took five years to slowly begin
You let me see a little and I loved you the same
I guess you never thought my love would remain
I hope you at least felt how loved you truly were
I hope the memories never become a blur
Maybe you will love someone like I love you so deep inside
And finally you will feel like you don’t have to hide.
I hope for you to find someone who puts every broken piece together
I hope you find your always and forever

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