The journey isn’t going to be smooth sailing. What I received from therapy was,  my co-payment is absolutely ridiculous I almost cried, of course being overly emotional I immediately thought I will never get better,  I’m going to ruin my kids life. After coughing up the cash for the one on one and deciding I can’t afford group, I was able to stay focused on what she was saying regardless of the knot in my stomach and the thoughts of what am I going to do? what should I do ?how an I going to do this?  What I learned, this is just changing the way you think and the way you respond. Allowing myself to see it for what it is and be realistic about it helped.  Is it going to be easy hell no.  But I’m not throwing in the towel because my work insurance sucks. I’m going to have to manage my money Better. Drink less coffee and stop buying lotto tickets. Sounds easy but I’m a caffeine addict who swears she’s going to win big on scratch off’s. Best part of the night was utilizing what I learned about separating myself from the emotions and allow people in my life to talk to me with out me having an emotional defense break down. Which I did, and I know I can do this.  Well right now in this moment the depression I felt on the way is gone and I see hope.  I see light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to do my best to stay in the here and now. The present moment is all we really have anyway the past is over the future is yet to come.  Enjoy your now and block out the rest.  Nothing can change what happened and nothing we worry about today will change what happens tomorrow. Stay present, don’t do ten things at once and remember here and now is what we have once this moment is gone you won’t get it back. ..



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