The Super Hero in Me

Giving up isn’t an option so don’t you dare fall apart

Your little girls are watching you find the courage in your heart

You are an over comer so get up and start this fight

There is a flame inside you and it burns so bright

God has carried you through so much and he is there for you

Remember there is nothing in this life that is too difficult to do

You are a super hero, Marvel will tell you so

A super mom super wife all this you surly know

The past doesn’t define you but it should help you see

That there is more to this life and a Solider you must be

Sometimes it feels dark and you can’t see the light

Those are the times you must get up and fight

Grace, and mercy will find you God is by your side

Get up and fight don’t you dare try to hide

You are a dimand and they begin so rough

Keep moving forward i know that this is tough

I believe in you i hope that you can see

There is a super hero and she lives inside of me



3 thoughts on “One Small Crack Doesn’t Mean your Broken, It Means That You Were Put to the Test and You Didn’t Fall Apart

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